Apple Guilty

Apple was found guilty of conspiring to raise prices on e-books. Apple was conspiring with several major publishing companies. The investigation for this started in 2012 and has continued until now. All the publishing companies have agreed to establish settlements and Apple is the last one. Apple has been the only company out of this ordeal to have to stand trial, which it was found guilty of by Judge Cote.

Cote’s decision was based off Apple knowing that the other publishing companies would strong-arm Amazon into increasing their prices on e-books. At the trial Apple tried to deny any concrete knowledge, saying that they only had an assumption that it would happen. However, a video of a press conference when the ipad came out proved otherwise. Apple is still strongly trying to maintain their innocence in this and plans to appeal the verdict. 

This was just a quick summary of what the trial and the verdict were about. I do not claim to understand everything about this issue, so this is based off of what I got from different articles. For a more in-depth reading you can check out the main article I am basing my opinion on here:

Is Apple truly guilty? I agree that Amazon’s monopoly on e-books should be broken, so that more competition in the market can take place, however, I do not agree with Apple’s methods. As a consumer, I am happy that Amazon is selling us e-books for less, but I do not like that fact that they have a monopoly on the market for e-books. In this scenario only the publishing companies and Apple are benefiting, and even then it is mostly Apple. I agree with Apple trying to break Amazon’s monopoly, but should have done it without breaking any laws and if they knew they were going to break laws, then they should have been more discrete.

As I mentioned earlier, I am no expert on this. What I write here is based off of my understanding of what is going on, so I would love to hear other people’s opinions on this issue! =)


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