Manscaping: Latest Trend or Regular Part of Life?

I wrote an article earlier about women’s shaving habits and decided that only telling one side is not fair since one of the arguments that was used is that men groom as well. This is to elaborate on that point while talking about shaving and grooming from a man’s side. Hope you guys like it and i\I’d love to know what you think about all of this. =)

Manscaping is a relatively new term. According to Urban Dictionary, manscaping is “to groom a man. Shaving, waxing, cleaning up the superfluous fur.” Wanting to groom and appear attractive used to be contained to what society would call “metrosexual men.” This is no longer the case. Gay, straight, or metrosexual man, they all enjoy some good quality manscaping. So is this just a trend or is it becoming a normal part of life? If you look just ten years back you will find that most men would not even consider going to a spa for a mani-pedi or a waxing of any kind. Now though, many men regularly go in for grooming.

According to an article in “Hello Beautiful,” who quoted another article where “’a 2005 study published in the journal Sex Roles found that 63.6 percent of 118 men at the University of South Florida said they trimmed or removed body hair to be hygienic and attractive.’” It is now 2013 and the popularity of manscaping has not waned even a little, if anything it is picking up traction. Research has found men who say, “I am taking the time to groom myself, why shouldn’t women?” or “grooming is great. I feel so refreshed afterwards. Why wouldn’t you do it?” Many men feel just as obligated as women to work on their appearance.

Just like for women, grooming for men is not cheap. Manscaping is a very expensive and time consuming activity. There are little ways that men can decrease this expenditure. Searching the web to find sites that offer the branded shaving supplies you buy in stores for less such as is one way to save money manscaping. Another way is by doing it yourself when possible. A professional’s touch usually looks nicer, but there is no avoiding the expensive there. If you can manage it on your own then you should give it a try. As for time consuming, it gets easier and takes less time each time you do it. Manscaping may turn out to just be a passing trend, but at the rate it is gaining popularity I think it will be here to stay for a while.


One thought on “Manscaping: Latest Trend or Regular Part of Life?

  1. I think it is very very quickly becoming the norm in today. Once I started manscaping I wished I would have been doing it my whole life. I will continue to do it as long as I possibly can.

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