Fired for Being Beautiful

Fired for Being Beautiful

I think that this is completely ridiculous. How could the court just allow this to happen? Just because she was considered too beautiful? I agree that this is a case of sexism. The belief behind this that the courts are using is: men are too weak- willed to resist an attractive women so not only was his actions justified, but applauded for getting rid of the problem. This is complete and utter discrimination! This is what makes people go to such extreme feminism. I can’t believe this is the society we still live in, that the JUSTICE system will sit on their asses and do nothing about this. What happened to equality and no discrimination? Also, the fact that her boss believed that if he did not fire her it would have DEFINITELY led to an affair is presumptuous on his part. He is assuming that she would given in in the first place. So not only is he firing her for being too much temptation but considers her a whore as well. My faith in humanity just went down a little more.


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