A Rising Addiction Among Youths: Smartphones

A Rising Addiction Among Youths: Smartphones

As a person who spends a lot of time blogging and on other social media websites, I can’t fault kids these days for constantly being on the internet. I myself am constantly texting, but I don’t think I have an addiction. I have no problem parting from my phone for a couple of hours or even days. I did this while I was studying for my finals at the end of the semester. Since I am on some type of social media or my phone throughout the day, I got really distracted while studying. Therefore, during finals week I told all my friends that I was busy studying and not to text me unless it was an emergency, even then I might not answer. I don’t think those kids have an addiction. I think it is more they don’t WANT to give up their smartphones. They need to prioritize. They put their friends and social lives ahead of school and other things. They are probably caught up in the hype of all the technology. I think this article is a little too drastic. As for the bullying aspect, people will always find something to bully another person about. I’m not saying this is a good thing, just a fact of life.


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