Pakistani women use jirga to fight for rights

Pakistani women use jirga to fight for rights

At first I didn’t really understand the concept that the writer was talking about, but the further into the article I got the more I understood. I couldn’t really decide what I was feeling while reading this except the disgust and then the hope. I am disgusted that women are still treated this way and that people, whether men or women, could get away with crimes like that. The case about Tahira had me wanting to rail against humanity while at the same time wanting to sob for how far humanity has fallen. I expect to hear things like this if I’m reading a history book from a century ago. Not now though, not in the twenty-first century. Maybe this is a little naive of me or perhaps I have just lived a sheltered life, but my heart still goes out to them. I was especially enraged when I read what HUMANS RIGHT ACTIVIST and fellow WOMAN, Tahira Abdullah had to say about the jirga. *spoiler alert for those who didn’t read the article*

“I don’t see it as more than a gimmick,” she said. “Who is going to listen to these women? The men with the Kalashnikovs? The Taliban who are anti-women? The patriarchal culture that we have?”

I couldn’t understand why she was not behind this, but the further I read I guess I could see where she is coming from. Many problems could arise from the jirga, such as bias and harsh punishments that don’t fit the crime. Even with these problems though, I think that the jirga is the one of the best voices that women in Pakistan have right now. I think this is good thing for them, but most importantly it gives women hope. Hope for a better future and more rights.


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