Women’s Shaving Debate: Against

I recently wrote an article concerning the shaving habits of women. In my article “Women: To shave or not?” I mentioned how there are normally two sides to the debate, but there should actually be a third. Now I am going to examine the two sides most debated when it comes to women shaving. This article is about the reasons “Against” shaving. There are many reasons to not shave and this idea is endorsed by many people. Some of the main reasons not to shave is the cost and maintenance, and throwing off society’s expectations.

            Shaving and grooming are expensive activities. There is no “one product does it all,” you need to buy an array of products ranging from razor handles and replacement heads to bikini razors etc. Then there are the depilatory creams, shaving creams and after-shave products. Some also opt for laser surgeries in an attempt to permanently remove the hair, while many go to spas to wax off the hair. No matter what option a woman chooses though, the maintenance is expensive! The costs add up and many feel their money and time could be better spent elsewhere.

            This leads to women finally deciding to throw off society’s expectations for them to be clean shaven. One major argument that is often referred to as a “feminist” argument is to rebel against the idea that “men believe that clean shaven equals beautiful and that women must shave in order to fit into their idea of beauty.” However, people like Emer O’Toole have proved this wrong. She did an 18 month experiment where she stopped shaving and is now a vocal advocate of the au naturale look. O’Toole tells women that their fears that a mob will attack them or something similar are unfounded and that most people don’t really care. Sure some people will go up to you and berate you for not shaving, but overall most will not bother you.

            There are also plays advocating not shaving or grooming “down below.” A famous example is the Vagina Monologues. The Vagina Monologues advocates that a woman’s vagina is her own and she should treat it as she wants to. A segment during this play touched on the issue of shaving and waxing a woman’s “down under.” An actress playing a vagina talked about the pain and discomfort of hair removal in that area.

            Amanda Palmer even created a YouTube video about shaving your pubic hairs. Her song, Map of Tasmania, asks the listener why they would subject themselves to the pain of shaving down there. It also states that the excuse of “it has been socialized in us is invalid because we are the media.” We, the people, control the media and if we don’t like it then it wouldn’t become a trend or internalized in us. We can stop it if we want too.

This article in no way reflects my personal opinion. As mentioned above I had previously written another article about whether or not women should shave where I stated my opinion is that women deserve the choice to shave or not. This is one of the follow-up articles I have written to elaborate on each side of the argument.  

Which side are you on?Image


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