Women’s Shaving Debate: For

I recently wrote an article concerning the shaving habits of women. In my article “Women: To shave or not?” I mentioned how there are normally two sides to the debate, and how there is actually a third. Now I am going to examine the two sides most debated when it comes to women shaving. This article is about the reasons “For” shaving. People that argue that women should shave, usually use the points about attractiveness, obligation, hygiene, and manscaping.

            Many proponents for shaving state that society has socialized us to find clean shaven beautiful and hairy to be unattractive. Some contribute this perception of attractiveness to the porn industry, while others say that this trend was started by shaving companies to make a profit. In actuality, the attractiveness of the clean shaven look has been around far longer than most would expect. Women shaving go back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians. Shaving during those times was considered to be exclusively an upper class activity. If you were wealthy then you shaved and this led to people perceiving shaven as more attractive. Women shaving is not a new concept and has been an accepted part of society far longer than even the idea of you or I have.

            The next arguing point that many advocates of shaving have is cleanliness. According to those that support this point, hair traps heat and sweat causing a bad odor to occur. Mostly other women argue this point. Many of them endorse that shaving the underarms and pubic area gives them a “fresher and cleaner” feel. It also helps avoid unsightly clumps of deodorant getting attached to the hairs. Some feel that shaven underarms and pubes give women the same clean look that a shaven face gives men.

             A major argument used by men is reciprocation. Since more and more men are “manscaping” and cleaning themselves up for the ladies, they feel that the ladies should do the same for them. Manscaping is definitely becoming more popular in recent years and as the trend grows, men are experiencing more of the same things women are. That being said they are expecting that if they are going through all this trouble to impress women, then women should reciprocate.

            This leads many advocates of shaving to feel that shaving for women is an obligation. Many of them feel women need to and should shave and that is what society deems necessary and so it should be carried out.

            This article in no way reflects my personal opinion. As mentioned above I had previously written another article about whether or not women should shave where I stated my opinion is that women deserve the choice to shave or not. This is one of the follow-up articles I have written to elaborate on each side of the argument.

What do you think?



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