5 ways to protect your brain, and boost your career

5 ways to protect your brain, and boost your career

I don’t think that this is really that surprising. From a career-based view, these all make sense. Since our technology and knowledge is constantly upgrading and changing, we must constantly learn and adapt to our environment in order to stay relevant. As someone studying PR and social media, I constantly need to keep up with the latest trends and news. There is not a day that goes by where I have not learned something new. Sometimes it is something as inconsequential as “during the Victorian era ‘lobster kettle’ was a euphemism for sex”. Immersing yourself in another culture and learning another language, well, in such a diverse society I feel like that is a given. In order to get a better job now a days people usually need to speak at least 2 languages. I definitely put on my resume that I can speak English, Chinese, and Spanish. As for having a wide network of friends and less stress, I think everyone wants that.

I did not really find any of them surprising in reference to better mental health either. I know that it has just been confirmed, but I feel like to a point we understood this before this study. Doctors are constantly writing articles on how to ward off diseases like dementia and other similar diseases by working the brain. For me, all these things they mentioned is something that I would want either way, especially immersing myself in another culture. 


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