Creepy Guys

Okay.. so it is now 3 AM in London and I recently returned from a night of clubbing with my friends. You might be wondering why I am posting about this instead of sleeping off my night, but the cultural differences that I found were so mind- blowing that I needed to know other people’s opinions. Anyway, I was clubbing with my friends. We were a predominantly girl group with 1 guy. We were all dancing together while the guys in the club simply watched. They would stare at us, but not approach or the ones that did approach didn’t really talk to us. They would kind of hover around us as we danced. One even took my hand while I was dancing and did twirled me, then had me twirl him before just leaving. He didn’t say a word which was the weirdest part. Maybe I am just a bad dance partner or something. I might have put it off as they were just extremely shy or didn’t know how to talk to girls, but this was the majority of the club. According to my friends afterwards, even the ones that did approach them did not really talk. We for lack of better word and I do apologize if i offend anyone, I just don’t know how else to describe them, are CREEPY. They were constantly grabbing ass and did some weird head- patting thing. I’m trying to not group all English or European guys in this group, but my experiences so far have not shown me anything contrary.

In America the guys are much more straight forward and usually just come talking or dance with you. I am not used to just being stared at and wondering about their intentions. I could not really even tell if he was into me. 

So please, help a girl out. Are these really cultural differences or am I just that unlucky and keep meeting creeps? I await your responses eagerly.. though I am going to go to sleep first because it now about 3:30.

Miss J


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