Pet Peeve

This post is probably going to sound a little righteous to some of you guys, but this gets me every time i see it. It’s not exactly a pet peeve so much as I just think it’s wrong. I apologize if I sound like I am sitting on some high horse, but this really ticks me off every time.

So, today I was taking the tube back from Kew Botanical Gardens (which I will be posting about in on the adventure tab.. go check it out!!) and this old couple got on at one of the stops. This old couple was probably in their 60s and had 2 big luggage bags with them and the lady was also carrying another bag. All the seats were taken and I was standing by the door. What I found astonishing was that when the old couple came onto the train not a single person rose up to offer their seat. If the people who were sitting in the seats were old or handicapped themselves I wouldn’t have minded, but these were relatively young people, probably in their 20s to 30s that were on their phones or just sitting there. Only 2 of them were anywhere near old. I don’t know why it still surprises me, but it does. Just as a personal thing, I usually won’t sit on a bus or subway unless I am absolutely beat tired and if I was standing I would probably fall over. However, even when I choose to sit if someone who needs the seat more than I do comes on I always give it up to them. I’m probably sounding like a self- righteous ass right now, but this is something that I feel strongly about. In my opinion, the worst part was that when 2 of the seats opened up, some indian guy who looked like he was 20s sat down and didn’t even bother to see if the old couple would like to. I was so upset after this.

Maybe it’s just because I have a soft spot for old people, but in my opinion someone in their 20s or 30s should be able to stand for the duration of their ride. My personal feelings are that if no one needs the seats then it’s fine to sit in them, but if some one who needs it more than you comes on then you should give it up. It doesn’t matter if they’re old, with children, pregnant, or handicapped. I don’t want it to sound as if I am ragging on people in London, because it’s not only them. In Boston, I’ve even seen a time when a girl on crunches came on the bus and not a single person moved to give her their seat. This is a problem every where. I want to say that it is a problem with my generation, but it’s not. It’s people in general. I’m sorry for sounding so terrible, but it’s true. When ever I see something like this happen I always think “what is wrong with this world? Are there no mannered people left?” because it is truly about manners. It’s not about being nice or mean or whatever, it’s about common curtesy. It’s the polite thing to do, but so many people don’t do it. I don’t know.. like I said, perhaps it is just me. I just can’t help but get worked up over this though and I get this way every time I see it.

Well, now that I have finished my rant, I would love to know what every one thinks. A lot of you guys will probably think I need to get off my high horse and I probably do. Even if I do need to get off my high horse, this is still something that I feel people should do. Tell me what you think, even if it’s to disagree with me.

Miss J


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