London.. where to start? Markets!

At this point I’ve been in London for about 3 months and it has been absolutely amazing. I don’t even know where to start, from the market places to the football matches to just eating in general. There’s so much to do here that I feel like I’ve barely made a dent. So far my time has been spent attempting to explore all the city has to offer. Though to be honest, my favorite part is definitely the market places.

By this point I’ve been to pretty much all the major market places here. I’ve been to Greenwich, Camden, Brixton, Portobello, Brick Lane, Borough, and a bunch of others. My favorites definitely have to be Camden and Brick Lane though. They’re just so big that I feel like I’m stepping into another world. They’re like a shop-a-holic’s heaven. I got this awesome leather jacket at Camden and almost ate myself into a food coma. They had almost every food i could even think to want and then some. Turns out the Camden marketplaces are actually about 4 markets close together in Camden. Only one of them is actually called Camden Market. There is one that is all food, which is Lock Market. The other 2 markets are pretty similar to Camden, in that they sell clothes and other miscellaneous objects. Besides the stalls though, there are also mini stores all along the streets that one could go to buy cheap items. I had such a great times that now whenever one of my friends asks me to suggest a market my first thought is Camden.


Brick Lane was great too. However, I mostly remember the food for that one. If you are a foodie then you definitely need to visit here. On Sundays there is a parking garage before you hit Brick Lane filled with different food stalls and is absolutely packed with people, but so worth it. I think we spent a good 2 hours in there. I had some Lithuanian food and it was literally just a gigantic meatball with bacon in the middle. It was amazingly good, but I had no clue how eat that except to stab it with my fork and hold it like a lollipop, just biting into it. My meal also came with mashed potatoes on the side and we ordered a side dish of dumplings. The portions were huge, I think I only got through about half before I was bursting. The was only some pre-market fun though. If you go further down Brick Lane, you’ll hit the actual market. There they have many miscellaneous items. I believe one of my friends bought a type of army boots and shoe laces to go with them.

I think the reason I enjoy the market places here so much is because I don’t really see this type of thing in the States. I know that these market places are essentially like a flea market, but they’re just better here. In the States there is a slight stigma with flea markets, I mean you can already tell when they are called “flea” markets. Here they are just a normal part of life and many just go to buy groceries. I always go to Borough Market to get my milk because it’s a lot fresher. You could potentially spend your entire day at these markets and with places like Camden, barely make a dent. For me, a day spent at a market is a day well spent. I’m pretty sure that going to markets will be what I miss the most when I’m back home. This is something that I would definitely recommend to anyone who comes to London. I hope that anyone who goes there will enjoy them as much as I did.

Miss J


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