Back for real this time..?

To anyone left who actually reads my blog after my extremely long hiatus,

I really would like to apologize for my long absence. I’ve just been super swamped and got caught up in life. I’ve been attempting to “find myself” with some traveling and soul searching. Okay, so no, I haven’t been actually trying to find myself. I believe I am pretty truthful with myself and know myself pretty well. Sure, it has taken me a long time to get to the point I am now in terms of “knowing and accepting” myself, but I don’t think I need to hit the road to do it. Though the traveling and getting caught up in life is true, except I did it because I love experiencing life.

So, let me share some of what has been going on in my hectic life lately. School has recently started up again and I’ve taken up residence in my favorite cafe. A shout out to Boston Commons Coffee Co. I love their chocolate chip cookies. They’re HUGE! I’ll admit, being back from London has me a little sad. I definitely miss the life I had there, but I can’t say I’m not happy to be back in the States with my friends. It’s different though. Everything feels so familiar, yet different at the same time. I mean, I’m still jamming out to the same songs I was last time I was here. My order is still the same and all the scenery and things like that are the same, but I guess I am different. I hope it’s a good different and I would like to say I’ve grown a little, but who knows, only time will tell. I’ve also finally settled on a my majors and will get to declare at the end of my semester. You guys are officially looking at (reading about? o.O) an International and Public Relations major! Yay!

Settling on majors has taken a great weight off my shoulders. I’ve been really worried about that since I really want to graduate on time. I’m really happy about how I decided my majors though. Like I said in the beginning, I think I know myself pretty well, so that being said, I know I want to travel and see the world. Therefore I chose majors that I could do that with. IR would definitely allow me to travel and PR would as well. I’ve decided on a being a Business and Economics International Relations major and a fashion Public Relations major. I think they complement each other pretty well and I really like fashion, so this is pretty perfect for me. Now I just need to get past the next two hellish years of having a full schedule and still maintain having a semi- social life. Hopefully it all works out in the end.

Okay, so I think I have been rambling enough in this post. Most of you probably won’t even care. Haha. I’m okay with that though since it was nice to get that off my chest. It was nothing especially important, but it was nice writing it. The main point was that I absolutely PROMISE to be a better blogger and try to update semi- regularly. You may also notice a marked improvement in my writing since I’m taking a COM writing course this semester and my Professor is really strict on grammar. Pray for me that I won’t fail the class guys! D= Any one who has read some of my posts knows grammar is not my strong suit. Alright, I actually need to end this now because I need to get back to reading about the ethics of foreign policy. >< Just so everyone gets a little better understanding of what I am going to be reading about I’ll leave you with this question: how ethical is war and is it ever justified? If you like the question and have an opinion, as always feel free to post a response and I would definitely love to discuss this more in-depth. 

With Promises of more Posts

Your Favorite,

Miss J


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