Machine… Absolutely Obsolete

To any of my readers who like to go clubbing,

So, on Friday night I went out to a gay club called Machine. Worst mistake of my entire day and I was making plenty of them that day. The club itself wasn’t so bad, but the employees and especially the manager were absolutely terrible. 

We got to the club probably around 11:30. Maybe even a little earlier. There were two lines outside the club. One had a sign that said VIP, obviously we were not VIP. I am totally not cool enough to get into that line. So, we went to line up in the other line and trust me, it was a longg line. Then when we finally get to the front the guy tells us that this line is only 21+ and we had to go into the other line. I don’t understand why he couldn’t just check us in considering we waited on the line already and the two age groups got different marks from a marker anyway. Either way, then we had to go onto a just as ridiculously long line for 20 and under. That wasted about half an hour of our time. We didn’t get into the club until around 12 and it was cold outside. Boston weather does not make for the best clubbing season. 

When we finally get into the club they charge us $15 each, when apparently 21+ get in for free. This makes sense since we can’t buy drinks, but still that is highly expensive. I’m a broke college kid. After, we go to get our coats checked so we don’t have to carry them around while dancing. We waited on line until around 12:40, when finally a lady tells us that there is no point in paying the $3 since 20 and below will have to leave at 1 anyway. No where on their website does it say that. In fact, it says that the club closes at 2 am and there was no differentiation between the two age groups. After hearing this my friends went to get our money back. The person at the front desk knew we would have to leave in an hour and still said nothing as he took our $15. Not even a warning.

So, they went to go talk to the manager/ owner. That is when tempers really started to boil. The owner was a complete and utter, excuse my use of bad language, jackass. It was as if he was being purposely unhelpful and as antagonistic as possible. This might sound a little bias to you guys, but my friends are not quick to temper. In fact, they usually have the patience of a saint. I know this because they deal with me on a daily basis and I am not easy to handle. However, even they were hard-pressed to not scream at the owner. It was okay that he did not give us a refund in the end, but the way he handled it was atrocious. He told us that he couldn’t give us a refund, but then went on to promise that we could get in for free next week. Sounds good right? We asked for that in writing and all he would give us is his promise and that he would remember us. I’m sorry if we didn’t exactly believe him after all that had happened that night. We then proceeded to ask for his name and he purposely mumbled it so that we couldn’t hear it! I know he mumbled it because he was perfectly clear and loud when telling us we wouldn’t be receiving a refund, but he doesn’t have the same good enunciation with his own name? I call bullshit (Once again apologize for the unsavory language).

In the end, we left extremely disgruntled and fuming. I would actually feel bad for the guy if he wasn’t such a jerk because i know my friends will be showing up again next week and if they aren’t getting in for free, it will be a VERY long night for him. xD He would deserve all the trouble he gets too. That was a terrible way to handle the situation and customers. Not only were we harping him about it that night, but now he has 6 even angrier people coming back next week. If he doesn’t deliver on his promise I have no doubt my friend will be raising hell. It also gives them such a bad name. You have people like me who will go on my blog and spread the news that they are THE WORST club ever. That’s terrible for business. Guy must not be very good at business or have much sense. Why would you invite 6 people who hate your club back the next week?

Either way take my advice, Machine absolutely sucks. Don’t go there. I don’t usually review places, good or bad, but this place was so horrible I felt the need to share my experience. I hope if any of you were planning on going there, that this saves you the misery and anger.

Being forever helpful

Miss J   


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