The Posting Itchies #3: Feminism

To my awesome-sauce readers,

So, I’ve made a promise to myself to try and post something at least once a week and I’m working really hard on keeping it. Though anyone who has read my earlier posts probably thinks I don’t know how to count because it goes from entry 1 to 3 and skips 2. The truth is, is that I started entry 2, but haven’t finished it yet. I hit a block about halfway through. Either way, I’m super excited to be writing this post. This topic is one that is really important to me and I think it’s been given an undue bad reputation.

I’ll be the first to admit that before this semester at college I would NOT have considered myself a feminist. However, that all changed with one conversation. Bear with me here, it might be a little more information than necessary to understand the change, but it’s a good story in my opinion.

So, what happened was that I was in my room with my friend and his girlfriend (now ex) who I was meeting for the first or second time. She is an IR (international relations) major like me, but she’s a freshman. To start the conversation she asks me, “what IR theory do you believe in?” Which in my opinion is kind of like asking someone you just met if they’re a Democrat or Republican. It’s a terrible conversation starter.

Well, to try and be diplomatic I respond, “I don’t really have any specific IR theory that I completely believe in. I think they are usually pretty radical one way or the other. I’m more for a moderate approach.”

Then somehow one thing led to another and she says, “I’m probably a terrible woman for saying this, but I hate feminism.”

I was like O.O

“whatttt…??” =O




Yeah… she went there. It completely blew my mind when she said that. Logically, I knew there were people who did not believe in feminism, but I had never met one and could not even imagine EVER feeling that way.

So I tell her that I think feminism is a good thing. I told her how I believed in the ideals of feminism. However, I also told her that while I believe in it, I did not consider myself a feminist. I think that’s one of my biggest regrets of that night besides not completely raging at her. I told her how I thought that modern day feminism has taken on a more radical view and has become associated with man-hating and all that what-not, which is the only reason I don’t consider myself a feminist. So, while I believed in the ideas I did not want to be associated with that word. I told her about the first and second waves of feminism and how even though they were radical, they needed to be, to be heard. Continuing on that vein, I informed her that I think that we need to continue to fight for equal rights for women because as a PR (public relations) major *a little side note here… I AM OFFICIALLY IN THE DUAL DEGREE PROGRAM!!!! YAY!!!! sorry.. I’m a little excited* I can expect to make on average 30% less than my male counterpart even though we have the same responsibilities, education, and everything else. The only difference is he’s a male and I’m a FEmale. I failed to persuade her that feminism is a good thing and that we need it.

Later on, as I was raging to my roommate about this she made me see a very important point. Even though I believe in feminism if I won’t associate myself with it how can I expect anything to change. We need to change people’s views of feminism in order to show them why it’s necessary to have it.

If you were to look up the definition of feminism in Google you would find this definition, “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” How is that bad? Also, no where in that definition does it say that feminists hate men or any other such nonsense.

Even in Urban Dictionary, where words are defined based on the commonly held beliefs of the current generation defined feminism/ feminists as this, “Feminists–and all persons interested in civil equality and intellectuality–are dedicated to fighting the ignorance that says people are controlled by and limited to their biology.”

I still don’t see where the man-hating is coming from and that happened to be one of the points that she brought up. Either way, after that conversation I decided that I wouldn’t care if people thought I was some “man-hating lesbian who’s living in sin,” I would proudly call myself a feminist and show them how wrong their definition is. How could I expect to fight for equal rights between men and women if I shied away from a word thats definition is exactly that?

Well, no more. It’s time to take a stand and embrace being a feminists. The sad thing is so many women believe in equal rights, but don’t want to be considered feminists because of the bad connotation. That’s what needs to change though. It’s regular folk like us that need to take up the mantle and show people the importance of feminism and that is not about man-hating or anything of that nature. It is simply wanting equal rights between men and women.

I don’t know if I’ve been able to fully articulate my thoughts here, but I hope that I have at least convinced one person who reads this post of the importance of feminism. I guess I just don’t understand why anyone would be against equal rights for everybody, but then again I’m part of the “oppressed” gender.  This is essentially my cause now. While I have many beliefs and believe in many causes, this is usually what I put my effort toward.

So, to lighten the mood because I feel like all I’ve done is preach in this post, which I totally apologize for, let’s end on a funny note for everyone except me. At this moment in time, I am sitting in a Panera to write this post. Usually, this is not anything out of the ordinary considering I love sitting in coffee shops, but this particular time is a little different than all the other times. I don’t know if anyone has read or remembers, but in my first posting itchies entry, which coincidentally is what started this series to begin with, I tell you guys that I was writing in a Starbucks. The reason was that I was being sexiled from my room. Well guess what… I am once again being sexiled by my roommate. -.- Yippee. As productive as I am being on my blog, this is getting ridiculous. Then when I tried to tell her, she made it seem like I’m being the bad roommate. Gahh!!! I hate roommate.

Now, that I’m done ranting and raving I’ll say the same thing as always. Comments are most welcome because I love hear all your opinions.

Until next time,

Miss J


4 thoughts on “The Posting Itchies #3: Feminism

      1. no… why should a “real feminist” never apologize? The point is to fight for equality for all. That neither makes me better or worse than anyone else. Therefore, I am not above apologizing.

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