I know it has been a while, but I am utterly swamped this week. However, I could not help myself when i saw this video. I absolutely needed to share it and I hope you guys, my readers, enjoy this young woman’s powerful words as much as I did. This is such an inspirational poem and I’m definitely impressed. 

I will definitely be posting more about this when I have the time, which will probably be after I finish getting owned by these midterms. 


Miss J


A Russian Psychic claimed he could stop a train with his psychic powers. He got killed by a freight train!

A Russian Psychic claimed he could stop a train with his psychic powers. He got killed by a freight train!

I don’t know why I thought this was interesting, but I really did. I am one of those people who doesn’t believe in psychics, ghost, ghouls, or supernatural in the least so this shouldn’t surprise me when I read something like this. However, I still am. I think I am more surprised at the fact that someone would jump in front of a freight train, not trying to suicide. Either way, the sight also has 18 other astonishing facts which may prove to be more interesting. 


Miss J

The Proper Way to Eat a Cupcake

The Proper Way to Eat a Cupcake

I’ve just gotten home from class for the day and decide that I should check my facebook before embarking on anything productive. Well.. no that’s not true, facebook is pretty productive. I learn so many things from reading my newsfeed. Take this for example. It’s on the very top of my newsfeed and I was astonished after reading the title. There is a proper way to eat a cupcake!?! That sounds absolutely preposterous. Frankly, I was a little insulted at being told I’ve been eating my cupcakes wrong for the last 19 years or so, especially since I am an absolute cupcake fanatic. I make it my goal to try all the cupcake places in any city I am in. However, after watching the video and reading the article attached I grudgingly have to admit that their technique is pretty ingenious. I was also kicking myself for never thinking of it. Now usually I am not a messy eater, but for some reason with cupcakes I never fail to make a mess. As you can imagine, when I hit high school this became especially embarrassing because I would always end up with frosting all over my face and crumbs in the area surrounding me. My friends were merciless in teasing me about this. Even now in university this still happens to me. Therefore, this video is pretty much a godsend for me. I can’t wait to go home and show my friends how unmessy my cupcake habit is now. So for all those messy cupcake eaters out there… this is for you. =)


Miss J

5 ways to protect your brain, and boost your career

5 ways to protect your brain, and boost your career

I don’t think that this is really that surprising. From a career-based view, these all make sense. Since our technology and knowledge is constantly upgrading and changing, we must constantly learn and adapt to our environment in order to stay relevant. As someone studying PR and social media, I constantly need to keep up with the latest trends and news. There is not a day that goes by where I have not learned something new. Sometimes it is something as inconsequential as “during the Victorian era ‘lobster kettle’ was a euphemism for sex”. Immersing yourself in another culture and learning another language, well, in such a diverse society I feel like that is a given. In order to get a better job now a days people usually need to speak at least 2 languages. I definitely put on my resume that I can speak English, Chinese, and Spanish. As for having a wide network of friends and less stress, I think everyone wants that.

I did not really find any of them surprising in reference to better mental health either. I know that it has just been confirmed, but I feel like to a point we understood this before this study. Doctors are constantly writing articles on how to ward off diseases like dementia and other similar diseases by working the brain. For me, all these things they mentioned is something that I would want either way, especially immersing myself in another culture. 

Paper Tigers

Paper Tigers

After reading this I feel slightly insulted, not by the author but by the implications of what he wrote. As an Asian- American I understand a lot of where he is coming from. My parents may not have been as hard on me as many other asian parents, but there was still a standard that I was expected to achieve. However, I think my peers had a higher expectation for me to succeed. They all had the notion that because I am asian that I HAVE TO do well in school, especially in math and science. If I received one bad grade they were more surprised than I was. Therefore, I don’t think it’s fair for people to think that we either have an unfair advantage or are ruining good schools. I’ll admit, growing up I knew I was smart and I always ended up in the advanced programs at school, but I also worked hard for my grades. While my non- asian friends were watching TV or playing games, I would recite my multiplication tables. People think that we are raising the standards too high, but how else are you expected to be pushed into succeeding without competition? To a point I think the standard for schools have dropped. When I was younger one teacher had accused me of cheating because I didn’t show my work. He thought that I had copied the answers from another student, when I actually just did all the work in my head. How can we have an unfair advantage when it seems that even the teachers are against us? To my young mind it seemed as if he wanted me to fail, which only made me work harder to never give him that satisfaction. In the end, yes, I may have raised the standards for the whole class, but I was stubborn and would not allow anyone to try and bring me down.

At the end the author mentions that Asians must, in practice, score 140 points better than a white applicant and how this is unfair. I agree because people like to sprout off that everyone is equal and has the same chances and opportunities, but in all honesty we don’t. For all our vaulted “intelligence and advantages” a lot of times I still feel that I have to work at the very least twice as hard as my peers in order to achieve the results I want. A lot of them complain about how well I do compared to them and how I may or may not mess up the grading curve, but if they spent more time on their studies and less on partying or other things then they wouldn’t have these complaints. I do understand that there are people out there who study much harder than me only to not get the results they want, but as I mentioned earlier, competition causes people to work harder to succeed. So, I want people to actually look at their kid’s study habits and perhaps, dare I say it, push their kids to do better instead of insisting that asians are making it too hard for their kids to do well. 

Wendy’s Customers Defend Server Against Bully, Get Frosties and Food

Wendy’s Customers Defend Server Against Bully, Get Frosties and Food

This story completely blew my mind. I don’t know why it still surprises me the way that people treat each other, but to a point it does. I’m happy that those 2 stood up for the cashier. In fact, more people should probably be like them. I admit that when stuff like that happens I get a little annoyed, but I in no way would ever take it out on the employee unless it was truly their fault. During my high school years I had some crappy jobs, especially in retail and I know that some problems are unavoidable. That woman was way out of line and deserved a good telling off. So good for those 2 who did it, but they should be careful who they stand up to because some people are legit crazy and it would suck for anything to happen to them. Either way though, I think it’s sweet that there are still awesome people like that out there.